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Welcome to Crow's Creek Farm!

We are a small family farm near Anamosa, Iowa.  We raise pastured heritage-breed pork and grass-fed beef.  We believe in the symbiosis of farm and field, pasture and prairie, livestock and wildlife.  


Our Products

Currently available at the farm: 

Grass-Fed Beef

Pastured Pork

Pastured Brown Eggs

Maple Syrup

Spring Farm Updates

We regret to announce that after our current inventory is gone, we will no longer be carrying pork or beef.  We have decided to focus on the cow/calf portion of our business and will not continue direct marketing meat.  If you would still like to purchase locally-grown pork or beef, please contact us and we'll help you locate a farmer in your area.

We do have a new product for sale this spring - maple syrup!  We have many beautiful sugar maple trees on the farm and have made syrup for personal use in the past.  This year we scaled up our operation and now have half pint jars for $9.00 and pint jars for $12.00.

We recently acquired a new flock of chickens are are overwhelmed with eggs.  $2.50/dozen for brown eggs from chickens that have 24/7 access to the outdoors.

We have a new full-time farm dog!  Zinnia is an Anatolian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees.  Her job is to keep an eye on all the animals and protect them from predators.  Zinnia loves ear rubs, fresh eggs, and napping in the sun. 

Orders can be picked up at the farm between 8:00 am and 7:00 pm M-F and by appointment on the weekends.  Contact us at 319-573-8685 or alyssa@crowscreekfarm.com.


Our Values

Regenerative Grazing

We manage the movement of our cattle around the farm so as to maximize the health of the grass and soil.  Cattle are moved frequently to avoid over-grazing and pastures are rested to allow for adequate regrowth.

Following Nature

If it works in the wild, why shouldn't it work for us?  We strive to follow the rhythms of nature to better integrate our farm with our environment.  To that end, we don't calve until mid- to late-spring when the weather is more cooperative, green grass is plentiful, and the prey species abundant, giving the foxes and coyotes easier targets than baby calves.


We also farrow (when sows have piglets) out on pasture.  This allows the sow to follow her natural farrowing instincts such as building a big soft nest.

Avoiding Crutches

We don't vaccinate our livestock so that we don't develop a herd dependent on "crutches" like vaccines and antibiotics.  This way the strong, healthy animals will naturally thrive and those members of the herd who can't stand on their own four hooves will be sent to a new home.  We will use antibiotics to save a life but that animal is then removed from the herd.  

Life on the Farm

Crow's Creek Farm

129 Fairview Rd

Springville, IA 52205


Tel: 319-573-8685​