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Our Girls

Crow's Creek Farm has a herd of 70 red and black Angus cows.  The cows and their calves are never treated with hormones, antibiotics, or internal/external antiparasitics.  Antibiotics will be administered to save a life but that animal will subsequently be removed from the herd. 
The herd's grazing is managed in such a way so as to maximize the health and growth of the pastures.  To this end, the cows are moved frequently to fresh pasture and grazed pastures are allowed to rest until fully recovered and regrown.  This helps prevent disease as the cattle are not confined to small areas and don't spend an extended time in an area contaminated with mud or manure. 
We have far too many cows to highlight them all, but we do have several with uncommonly vibrant personalities: 
Pricing is per package
* Denotes limited quantity

*Ribs : $13.50


*Chuck roast : $22.25

*Arm Roast: $19.99

Organ Meat

*Liver : $7.25

*Tongue : $9.00


*Beef shank : $5.25

*Stew Meat: $8.50

*Soup Bones: $3.25

*Neck Bones: $3.25


Ava is one of our favorites due to her placid personality.  She is always quiet and calm, and she is a wonderful mama to boot.  Her light red coloring is also quite beautiful, and is complemented by even lighter red accents around her eyes and muzzle.


Thelma is our naughtiest cow.  If there's trouble to be had, Thelma will be the first one on the scene, whether it's making an escape through a few feet of fence that aren't electrified or finding just the right way to push on the water tank float so as to make a huge, soggy mess. 


Rosie is our lead cow.  When it's time for the herd to move from one pasture to another she will moo loudly, calling to the rest of the herd.  She's usually the first through the gate, leading the way.  She also consistently has large, healthy calves.

Beef Pricing