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Our Girls

Crow's Creek Farm raises a heritage breed of hog called the Gloucestershire Old Spot.  This breed is also known as the "cottage pig" due to their adept foraging skills and ability to thrive on byproducts of cheese- and cider-making.  They are a docile breed with large floppy ears that cover their eyes.  The Livestock Conservancy ranks this breed as threatened.  
We do not use hormones or antibiotics and the hogs live out on pasture year-round.  They have shelters to protect them from the elements and their diets are supplemented with ground feed. They are free to exhibit their natural piggy tendencies such as nesting (see Hannah), wallowing (see Doris), and rooting (see Fatpig).  


Hannah laying in her farrowing nest, which she made over the course of several days by carrying mouthfuls of dead grass and straw to her chosen spot.


Doris keeping cool in a mud pool.  The mud also prevents sunburn.


Fatpig is the middle piglet.  She is Hannah's daughter and will be our first home-raised sow.

Pricing is per package
* Denotes limited quantity
Pork Chops

Iowa (1", bone-in) : $8.25 

*Butterfly (1", bone-out) : $8.25

Boneless Center-cut Chops: $5.25 


Spare : $8.00

*Baby Back: $3.25


Smoked Hock : $4.25


Lil' Smokies : $9.99

Seasoned pork sausage patties (bags of 10) : $12.25

Heat 'n eat fully cooked sausage patties : $15.00


Ham Steak : $5.25

Blade Steak : $4.25


Thin : $10.00

Regular : $10.00

*Thick : $10.00

*Pepper (Reg.) : $10.00

Pepper (Thick) : $10.00

Cottage : $7.50

Side Pork : $6.75

Sticks (6/pkg)

Ham sticks with pineapple : $7.99

Honey pork sticks : $7.99

Honey pork sticks with pepper cheese : $7.99


*Cured Picnic Ham : $17.75

Cured Whole Ham (10-13#) : $24.99

Cured Half Ham (5-6#) : $12.99

Cured Quarter Ham (2.5-3#) : $6.99

Bulk Sausage (1lb bags)

Seasoned : $8.25

*Italian : $8.25


Jalapeno and Cheese Brats : $10.00

*Cheese Brats: $10.00


*Stir Fry Meat: $8.25

Pork Pricing